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  • CSC Styleguide
    • The CSC brand is a promise

      The CSC brand represents the promise we make to our clients and ourselves — an overarching vision of everything we deliver, and the unique way we deliver it.

      Ultimately, a more powerful CSC brand will translate into improved client and employee loyalty, tremendous market awareness about what CSC does best, and enhanced sales effectiveness.

      The philosophy behind the CSC brand, along with guidelines on use of the company name, logo, corporate typeface, and approved color palette and photographs

      Templates for you to create your next communications message

      Information on how to reserve, customize, and ship one of CSC's prefabricated pavilions to make a powerful impact at your next professional conference or other event

      Everything you need to keep written communications in brand, including CSC's comprehensive Corporate Editorial Styleguide and supplemental Presentation Editing guide

      For Internal Communicators

      Directions on how to properly compose and format the banner and copy text for global internal email broadcasts

      CSC Company Store

      CSC's one-stop shop for branded promotional merchandise such as clothing, mugs, pens, and more

      Image Library

      CSC has purchased the rights to images and made them available in an online image library


      Guidelines on how to use the right blend of imagery, sound and message for videos