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  • Overview
    • Overview

      We believe that by working in partnership with government, CSC can help to deliver enhanced value to citizens.

      From Defence to Health Services, to Infrastructure and Transportation, CSC is helping government to deliver public services across the globe.

      We provide next-generation IT solutions and consulting expertise for government bodies across the UK, Ireland and Netherlands

      Learn more about our long standing relationship with the UK government and other public sector bodies

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      Global Public Sector

      Working in partnership with governments around the world, delivering transformational solutions to the UK, US, Australia and Europe

  • Focus Areas
    • Focus Areas

      CSC are organised around four principle areas of government, with each area experiencing their own unique challenges. CSC’s Public Sector Division brings a combination of government expertise, alongside a robust delivery approach to provide unique solutions to government.
  • Solutions and Offerings
    • Solutions and Offerings

      Whether it's supporting troops, modernizing and protecting government infrastructure or delivering better services to citizens, we help public sector organizations fulfil their missions and make the most of their resources

      Learn more about CSC Solutions for government

      See how CSC can directly benefit the Public Sector through our list of specialised offerings

      Transforming Public Sector into a cloud empowered enterprise

      Learn more about CSC's offerings on the Public Sector G-Cloud framework

      Intelligent Transport Systems (CSC Netherlands)

      Learn about how CSC has been transforming Traffic Management in the Netherlands

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  • News
    • News

      See UK Public Sector News

      Hear our experts' views on topical stories and share with us your thoughts on how technology can help organisations achieve their objectives

      For the latest press releases and corporate information about CSC

      CSC World seeks to explain the business meaning behind advances in IT

      Get to know some of CSC's most innovative thinkers, explore their unique perspectives, areas of expertise, and visions for the future