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Ready for the Holidays, Ready for the Year

All year, retail customers expect a consistent and seamless user experience from the perspective of the omnichannel shopper, whether it's through stores, distribution centers, mobile apps, e-commerce, social media, call centers — even third-party partner networks. During peak shopping times and holidays, those demands only increase.

Learn how retailers can prepare for the next seasonal spike.

When Payment Card Theft Strikes

The massive data theft at Target and Neiman Marcus stores is one of the largest security breaches of its kind. While a lot of focus has been on who is behind the attack, shoppers are left wondering who to trust and retailers are worried if they are next. This short video focuses on the three key things every retailer must do now to avoid being next, and the two things every customer should be doing now to prevent losing even more to this theft.

Is your organization prepared for a cyber-attack? Learn more about CSC's Cybersecurity and Retail offerings.

Tackling Immigration Reform With Technology

As the political discussion about reforming U.S. immigration policies continues to heat up, the need to look beyond a traditional view of border security and benefits is now more important than ever. Technology can improve the visa, border and immigration process for all parties involved, from immigrants and travelers to government agencies, employers and taxpayers.

Learn more by registering for the upcoming CSC Town Hall event: How Technology Can Aid Immigration Reform.

Sequestration's Silver Lining

As the White House and U.S. Congress come up with a plan, once again, to avoid the looming sequestration, many are wondering what lessons can be learned from the threat of across-the-board cuts to government agencies. Despite the significant impact the sequester poses to government budgets, the automatic cuts could act as a catalyst for improved IT efficiency, such as data center consolidation and the government's "cloud-first" policy.

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