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  • Overview
    • Nordic Healthcare

      For decades, CSC has helped providers of healthcare operate more efficiently and improve patient safety and outcome.

      We design our solutions to improve healthcare delivery while maximizing the benefits of technology and effectively managing costs across the healthcare continuum.

      We have a strong presence in the Nordic Region, supporting clients on their journey towards new models of care and next-generation technologies.

      Danish Ambulances Save Lives with Pre-Hospital Patient Records

      The latest advances in digital information technology allow healthcare organizations to lower the cost of delivery and improve patient outcomes while maintaining the security of records and information. Find out how in our position paper.

      CSC earned its “Leader” position because it offers significant presence across all provider service lines, including large healthcare systems and stand-alone hospitals and clinics.

      Electronic prehospital medical records now automatically provide hospitals with data like blood pressure, temperature and heart rate, saving time and ensuring the right treatment upon arrival; a solution that truly makes a difference.

      Visit booth B07:27 to learn about how our healthcare solutions can solve you challenges.

      Infographic: Ensuring Better Outcomes in Healthcare

      Explore the Healthcare IT spend by regions well as the growth rate over the next five years.

      Meet Us

      Meet our experts at conferences, webinars and tradeshows to learn more about trends and how IT can support your digital journey. A list of upcoming events will be up soon.

  • Solutions that Solve
    • New Models of Care New Models of IT

      New models of IT provide a platform for innovative and effective new models of care. With global experience across multiple industries, established expertise and a next-generation technology focus, CSC can help you deliver innovation.

      New Models of Care Need New Models of IT

      Lorenzo Care Suite is a next generation end-to-end enterprise solution that offers clinical decision support and care coordination across the entire care continuum, ranging from pre-hospital care through specialist and primary care to community care.

      Improving the patient experience of care; improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost of health care. Our core capabilities deliver the building blocks for population health management and care coordination.

      CSC VITAE Suite™ is an advanced and well-tested solution for administrators and staff in the social, health and care sector.

      The prehospital healthcare record ensures a continuous information flow from the initial contact with the emergency dispatch center to the treatment in the ambulance and the arrival at the emergency department.

      Self-Service Solution for Citizens

      The self-service solution makes moving to a new address nationally or abroad easy. The solution is a one-of-its-kind and is implemented and used by all Danish municipalities today.

      Clinical Quality Solutions and Database Applications

      Topica is a web-based framework that makes it easy to create solutions and database applications for research, quality development and documentation of patient care.

      Laboratory Information System

      Flexibility and efficiency for laboratories and clinical departments. LABKAII is a laboratory information and production planning system for test ordering, analysis and results reporting.

      Enterprise Scheduling

      CSC's Enterprise Scheduling solutions offer robust, generic tools to help healthcare organisations better manage their scheduling processes, reducing inefficiency and improving service.

  • Healthcare Insights
    • CSC Engagement & Best Practices

      CSC is actively engaged in the healthcare industry, promoting dialogue on topics that are of importance to us all. Our experts monitor trends, explore new ideas and promote best practices.

      Healthcare Insights

      An agile and flexible IT infrastructure is essential to building and supporting these new models of care.

      Modern health systems are adopting patient-centric models focused on population health and care coordination.

      “Everybody’s talking about integration but can the NHS deliver?” CSC contributed to two articles in the latest HSJ issue.

      The expectations of healthcare are changing, and providers and payers need to transform their operations in response.

  • Success Stories
  • Contacts, News and Events
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      Meet our experts at conferences, webinars and tradeshows to learn more about trends and how IT can support your digital journey. A list of upcoming events will be up soon.

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