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  • Overview
    • Four Lessons for Insurers Seeking Greater Efficiency

      While most new business is transacted digitally, legacy business remains trapped in non-digital systems and processes, thereby creating duplicate but disparate workstreams. CSC gives you four lessons learned on the road to greater efficiency.

      Four Lessons for Insurers Seeking Greater Efficiency

      With our new Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) deployment options, you’ll benefit from accelerated implementation times and a much lower cost of market entry, as no large infrastructure investment is required.

      The technology world is changing, and fast. Today, many consumers carry more advanced technology in their pockets and briefcases than most enterprise users have at their desks. How can RSA embrace this disruption?

      CSC works with a strong network of partners to achieve one common goal; helping our customers become high-performance businesses by maximizing the value of their technology and IT investments.

      Tour CSC's virtual briefing center - your window into next-generation solutions.

  • Solutions that Solve
    • The Future of Digital Insurance

      Providing the complete digital insurance experience in this “smarter world” requires more than just software. It involves a comprehensive “software plus service” approach.

      CSC The Future of Digital Insurance Overview

      The CSC Agility Platform™ is a consolidated platform for hybrid cloud management, governance, and security across multiple heterogeneous public and private clouds.

      Customer retention is more important than ever with today’s profit pressures, increased competition and transparent premium comparison. Find out how to get started.

      Personalized, collaborative and secure – CSC MyWorkStyle accelerates your business.

      Increase your agility, and find a fast, efficient way to grow your business.

  • Insurance Insights
    • Four Factors Creating a Perfect Storm in the Insurance Industry

      In insurance, there’s a tendency toward hyperbole that makes it seem like the industry is perpetually on the verge of revolution, disruption or upheaval. Today, there are at least four major forces in play within the insurance sector.

      Four Factors Creating a Perfect Storm in the Insurance Industry

      The task of unwinding large legacy systems is so daunting that few have attempted to do so. In addition are new entrants in the market gaining market. How can you as an Insurance company tackle these challenges?

      Rapid technological change is driving a new approach to providing and procuring IT: services integration. As internal and external customers alike demand fast access to more personalised and more mobile services, businesses must prepare to respond.

      The traditional insurance company is set up to best serve a type of customer that, in the very near future, may no longer exist.

      The concept of speed to market has come to represent more to insurers than just how quickly they can develop a product. To be sure, this remains a key component of the concept but, to succeed going forward, insurers will need to define “speed to market”.

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  • Contacts, News and Events
    • Gartner Symposium ITXPO 2015

      Join CSC at Gartner Symposium ITXPO, the world's most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives in Barcelona, November 8-12.

      Gartner Symposium ITXPO 2015

      Join CSC at this international tradeshow for insurance and reinsurance to hear more about our policy administration and digital insurance solutions.

      CSC World seeks to explain the business meaning behind advances in IT.

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