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  • CSC Military Programs
    • Overview

      Whether through recruitment, philanthropy or volunteerism, CSC is proud to support our heroic military service members and their families. CSC values America's military community for its loyalty, diversity and strong work ethic. We will help you realize your professional aspirations through valuable career choices.

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  • Transitioning Veterans
    • Transitioning Veterans

      We help transitioning veterans with one-on-one assistance and whenever possible, provide career portability for CSC employees seeking to stay with CSC when they must relocate.

      CSC Salutes Employee Resource Group is an internal CSC affinity group, created by employees for employees, who have passion to serve our military community.

      Nearly 1,000 of CSC's new hires last year were military veterans and military spouses, and a third of these individuals were veterans with a disability.

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      CSC announced a company-wide effort to hire 2,000 veterans and military spouses between May 2013 and May 2014.

  • Wounded Warriors
    • Wounded Warriors and Disabled Veterans

      CSC proactively recruits and hires wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities. We also partner with many organizations in the community, including Operation Impact - Network of Champions and the Wounded Warrior Project, as well as all U.S. military wounded warrior programs, many disabled veteran resources and other organizations that share CSC's mission.

      Three hallmarks of CSC's Wounded Warrior program:

      • - Respectful commemoration of your valor.
      • - Hope and home in times of medical stress.
      • - Opportunities to transition to a satisfying and growth-promoting career.

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      Supporting various community initiatives for the betterment of our Wounded Warriors and their families.

      Raising Awareness and resources for our Wounded Warriors, their families and the children of our fallen heroes.

      People who are limited in their ability to use, as a result of a disability, may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting CSC through e-mail.

  • Military Spouses