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  • Overview
    • Consumer and Retail

      The retail landscape has transformed. Today’s hyper-competitive marketplace has consumers more connected and brand-focused. Retailers must respond through digitally transforming their business in order to become more competitive and adaptive in modern retail.

      At CSC, we anticipate and respond to major digital trends that are redefining retail. Learn more about the Digital Transformation of the Retail Industry.

      Digital Transformation for the Retail Industry

      Engage with more consumers, succeed with new products, remove operational costs and gain insight from shopper and performance data. Contact us.

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      When much of the world is vacationing, retailers must prepare for the next big seasonal spike.

      Our panel of experts discuss how to pick up on the digital cues your customers are leaving for you.

      There is an opportunity to tightly weave social media — and by extension, mobile technologies — into a company’s operations so that they are in sync with those social buyers. Data is the key.

      CSC Digital Retail blends "brick and mortar" and digital customer intelligence to provide your retail business actionable shopper insights.


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  • Omnichannel Engagement
    • The Power of Your Brand Cannot Be Overestimated

      CSC’s Omnichannel Engagement provides retailers the capabilities to effectively deliver content that is ‘brand right’, relevant and crafted for whichever device a customer happens to be on or environment they happen to be in.
      Omnichannel Engagement

      CSC’s OmniChannel Engagement solution provides retailers with the expertise, capabilities and services to address the challenges retailers face as they travel down the road to a true omnichannel customer experience.

      Take a look at this top-to-bottom strategic analysis of customer service and implementation of a multichannel approach to transforming services and operations.

      The traditional insurance company is set up to best serve a type of customer that, in the very near future, may no longer exist.

  • Consumer Focused Analytics
    • Optimize Products and Deliver Increased Customer Value

      CSC’s Consumer Focused Analytics solution helps retailers get up to speed quickly, allowing them to more effectively analyze consumer data and optimize both consumer and product decision-making.
      Consumer Focused Analytics

      CSC’s Consumer Focused Analytics solution helps retailers analyze consumer data and optimize both consumer and product decision-making.

      The opportunity big data presents comes at a time when the field itself is evolving rapidly. As a result, many companies are left to wonder whether they're taking the right steps to realize the most value from their investment and their data.

      For Avis Budget Group, a leading global vehicle rental services company, and the only one operating two truly global brands, a new emphasis on technology, data analytics and marketing could hold the key to achieving significant growth.

  • Operational Efficiency
    • Optimization is Key

      CSC’s Operational Efficiency solution presents retailers with an optimized, innovative and lean approach to addressing the operational efficiency needs and requirements of a modern, customer-facing business.
      Operational Efficiency

      CSC’s Operational Efficiency solution – an optimized, innovative and lean approach to addressing the retail operational efficiency needs.

      See how one retailer met the challenge of replacing an end-of-life email system for 50,000 users across Europe and the US.

      The emergence of the service-enabled enterprise marks the most important transition in information technology of the past few decades - how does the changing market influence the way companies formulate and execute fundamental business strategies.

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