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      CSC is a global leader of next-generation IT services and solutions. Our mission is to enable superior returns on clients' technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale.

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      CSC is proud be partner at Computerworld’s CIO sourcing event in Oslo in August

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      CSC offers a range of innovative business solutions to help solve your complex industry challenges. Check out our diverse business solutions.

      Our interactive Digital Briefing Center provides key insights and best practices of next generation technology solutions and services to help you evaluate and implement within your company

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      Learn about the industries that use our technology products and services.

      Our broad market experience enables us to harness the best ideas, practices and solutions from both the public and private sectors, for the benefit of every one of our clients

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      Our newsroom is your resource for the latest news, press releases, and corporate information about CSC.

      What comes next? Read more in our reports, white papers and point of views

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