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    • Capital Efficient Innovation

      A Transformative Path Forward for Life Sciences

      The life sciences industry is in the midst of a transformation bringing both opportunities and challenges. CEOs feel pressure to deliver short-term returns, navigate complex regulations and remain competitive in a quickly evolving marketplace where government health plans are trying to cut costs.

      With depth of knowledge that few can rival and proven expertise in regulatory and content management, CSC provides life sciences companies with unique access to best-in-class technology, consulting services, and insights from industry insiders.

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      CSC Town Hall:A robust Regulatory Information Management (RIM) strategy is essential to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies manage a lengthy approval process, soften the impact of R&D budget cuts and address a host of other challenges.

      Reduce risk associated with regulatory filings with our outsourcing services to help speed the submission process.

      When it comes to cost containment and being innovative while maximizing business value, IT is a vital lever for life sciences organizations.

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  • Industry Challenges
    • Industry Challenges

      Life Science organizations face a myriad of complex challenges in a healthcare market that is experiencing significant transformation. From regulatory changes across the globe- to growing consumer expectations for improved therapeutic and economic outcomes, the pressures on the life science business model and demands for more capital efficient innovation is significant. They need a proven partner with deep experience in their business, and a technology leader for enabling the transformation and agility required to succeed in the healthcare market for the 21st century.

      Strategically leverage regulatory information across the enterprise to mitigate risk and bring innovative life science solutions to patients faster.

      Lead enablement of R&D collaboration platforms and predictive insights for achieving personalized medicine breakthroughs and optimizing clinical development. Deploy Big Data Analytics and Cloud solutions to free capital for more R&D.

      Improve real-time global manufacturing and supply chain transparency and predictability to deliver greater commercial value with improved quality, regulatory compliance and supply chain efficiency.

      Protect the industry’s growing and globally distributed data, IP and processes to facilitate innovation and growth. Deploy hybrid cloud architectures for distributed risk solutions.

      Agile and Intelligent Infrastructure

      Enhance operational flexibility, security and capital agility to drive innovation and growth in developed and emerging markets. Transform using cloud and FutureEdge modernization.

  • Blog
    • Life Sciences Blogs

      CSC’s Life Sciences blog and CSC's Life Sciences Regulatory Technology blog are written by experts both within and outside of CSC and were created with the goal of exploring industry issues, uncovering trends and stimulating conversation.

      We encourage your input, whether in the form of a guest blog or suggestions of topics that matter to you. We look forward to discussing opportunities and challenges, and gaining new perspectives on the industry – together.

      We peek into IDMP’s packages, and talk about how the IDMP standard’s model doesn’t exactly match the Structured Product Language (SPL) message.

      Why RIM has to be more than regulatory software.

      Module 1 changes bring marketing and regulatory closer, but disparities need to be managed.

      Read previous discussions on issues and trends in the life sciences industry.

  • Insights
  • Providers and Payers
    • Healthcare Providers and Payers

      For Healthcare Providers: We have designed our services and solutions to help providers improve healthcare delivery while maximizing the benefits of technology and effectively managing costs across the entire healthcare continuum.

      For Health Plans: Our services and solutions support member life cycle processes, claims, analytics and coordinated care – bridging the relationships between payers and providers. Learn more about our Products and Services.

      We can help you transform individual applications — or your entire portfolio — to take full business advantage of the latest advances.

      The healthcare industry is venturing into a world of tremendous opportunity and huge risk, both of which need to be managed hand-in-hand.

      CSC is one of the only companies in the world that can deliver an end-to-end set of mobility services, connecting your mobility strategy to every other technology initiative in your organization.

      Now more than ever, cloud solutions and services are enabling healthcare enterprises by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs.

      Healthcare Consulting

      CSC can help healthcare organizations proactively respond to today’s changing market dynamics.

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