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  • Digital RIM
    • Digital RIM

      Achieving Business Value Beyond Compliance

      RIM starts with regulatory systems, and until recently, the solutions had been fairly narrowly focused. Life sciences organizations believe RIM should have a broader role. A RIM well done with a holistic approach has the potential to integrate all the systems and processes that exist in an enterprise and bridge traditional departmental silos.

      Rely on our deep domain expertise and knowledge of both the technology and processes required for strong RIM solutions.

      View this live webinar as we discuss what it will look at moving RIM to the Cloud.

      Take a 360° tour of CSC's RIM solution.

      Comply with mandates while building the controlled product life cycle.

  • R&D Optimization
    • R&D Optimization

      Enhancing R&D Productivity

      Lead enablement of R&D collaboration platforms and predictive insights for achieving personalized medicine breakthroughs and optimizing clinical development. Deploy a secure R&D application infrastructure with the appropriate utilization elasticity; rules-based access; and information insights enabled by advanced cloud computing and orchestration, cybersecurity, and big data and analytics platforms.

      Learn more about CSC's R&D Optimization Services and see how you can leverage our expertise to streamline operations.

      R&D is about the science and about bringing life-changing, and very often life-saving, drugs to market, but the day-to-day pressures of the business can obscure the real purpose.

      When it comes to cost containment and being innovative while maximizing business value, IT is a vital lever for life sciences organizations.

  • Digital Supply Chain
    • Digital Supply Chain

      Driving Supply Chain Flexibility and Responsiveness

      The next-generation supply chain will go a long way toward controlling inventory, improving work processes, adapting to shifts in the provision of care models and protecting brands.

      For life sciences organizations, delivering products to customers in a timely and accurate manner is a must. They need a supply chain that transitions from a stock-based model to an order-based model that is more flexible, more reliable, more responsive, more transparent and more secure.

      Faced with unpredictable demand, a globally-dependent and driven life sciences supply chain, and a highly regulated process, how can manufacturers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations?

      One of the clearest areas for cost takeout in the supply chain is inventory management, and the potential for making a difference.

      Comply with mandates while building the controlled product life cycle.

      Achieve orchestrated traceability across your supply chain for compliance and efficiency.

  • Commercial Digitization
    • Commercial Digitization

      Accelerating Business Through New Engagement Models

      Life sciences organizations should fully engage with customers and integrate new technologies into a digital ecosystem. Each digital ecosystem will be unique for each customer. In all cases, life sciences organizations must establish relationships with the right customer partners to implement a strategy that meets the needs of customers and patients.

      Life sciences companies need to provide solutions tailored and priced for each customer and gain value through improved operational efficiencies.

      New models can improve patient outcomes and integrate care pathways across system boundaries.

      Today’s workplace is at an inflection point: Workers have more choice, power and capabilities than ever before.