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CSC Global CIO Survey 2014 - 2015: A Snapshot of CIO's Plans, Priorities, Threats and Opportunities

Today more than ever, CIOs are positioned to galvanize innovation and digital transformation. In fact, the CSC Global CIO Survey 2014 - 2015 reveals the highly anticipated tipping point from CIOs merely aligning with business to becoming a strategic, disruptive force that drives change and growth for the business.

Transform to Win - Strategic IT Transformation

Forward thinking Business and IT organizations realize that accelerating application delivery is critical in making their enterprise more agile and competitive. DevOps in the cloud removes bottlenecks, automates and manages software release and improves efficiency across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Orchestrated Manufacturing

We have entered the age of Industry 4.0, where manufacturing processes are orchestrated through digital interactions and cyber-physical production systems. A new generation of systems is providing real-time awareness and autonomic interactions between machines, systems, assets and things. See what the future holds.


Information has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise, apart from its people. The threat to that information has risen in proportion to the value of information. As enterprise IT becomes fully integrated – from the smartphone, through the cloud, to the factory floor – using information effectively is a product of how well that information is secured.

To fully protect against cyber threats, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

Mobility in an Always-On World

Sensor data is pouring into corporate data warehouses from machines and mobile devices, while the BYO (bring your own) movement is changing the relationship between IT and users. Applications are more available than ever, delivering business-changing insights directly to those who can use them most.

To make sure your business benefits, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

Big and Fast Data for Business Advantage

Data is a driving force underlying business decisions and processes. Applying leading technologies and analytics to your existing and new data will help you identify new and better ways to serve, produce, optimize and compete. Information overload hasn’t overwhelmed us. It’s creating a new generation of opportunities and advances.

To make sure your business benefits, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

The Cloud-Empowered Enterprise

Competition and changing consumer expectations are forcing organizations to change rapidly and innovate. Addressing these challenges requires an IT operating model that drives innovation and accelerates time to market. Organizations require cloud agility to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

ITaaS allows increased market competitiveness, encourages experimentation and speeds application releases.

To begin your journey to the cloud-empowered enterprise, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

Next-Gen Apps

Business processes today are driven almost exclusively by applications. Getting applications right, and getting them out first, is an imperative. The margin of error has shrunk to a razor’s edge.

To make sure your business benefits, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

Understanding Your Workplace Experience

As people have become increasingly mobile, the definition of the office has changed. Enterprise mobility has gone into warp speed, dominated by new digital-age workers who have high expectations of both their devices and their employers. “Personalizing the Workplace Experience,” our latest survey, explores this evolution in the workplace.

2013 CIO Barometer

The 5th Annual CSC CIO Barometer captures the pulse of the business globally across sectors ranging from banking to transportation. In early 2013, CSC polled more than 680 CIOs asking them to identify the top trends and priorities facing them this year.

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Ensuring Better Outcomes in Healthcare

Overall healthcare spending is projected to grow over the next five years, with spending on IT growing even faster.

Companies seeking to transform operations, lower costs and improve health outcomes will need proven expertise in next-generation technology.

In this CSC Industry Infographic we explore the Healthcare IT Spend by Regions well as the growth rate over the next five years.

Industry: Healthcare

CSC's Global SAP Practice

CSC's Global SAP Practice offers a wide range of services designed to meet clients' needs, spanning size, scope and SAP footprints. As an SAP Gold Partner, we offer a full complement of SAP-Certified capabilities — reseller, implementations including HANA, managed hosting and applications management solutions.

CSC's portfolio of SAP solutions and offerings are customized to meet your specific business needs.

Solution: SAP Consulting Services

Our Strategy: Cloud Infographics

This one-page visual outlines the steps CSC is taking to transform its business and bring greater value to its clients, shareholders and people.

Learn more about CSC’s strategy.

Taking on Cyberthreats and Driving Value: Cyber Security Infographics

Cyberattacks on companies that manage critical infrastructure have surged a whopping 2,100% over the last three years – and yet IT budgets worldwide remain flat. To make the most of limited IT spending, more companies are relying on managed security services, and this evolutionary approach to the management of security is expected to double by 2015. Find out why in this exclusive infographic, based on a survey of IT professionals by CSC, RSA and IDG Research.

Solution: Cybersecurity and IT Security Services

CIO Barometer 2012: A Storm Is Coming

A storm is heading toward CIOs. Mobile phones and tablets flooding the enterprise are helping make users more productive, and cloud computing is giving businesses new tools to do more with less. But the new tools are also creating a rising generation of tech-savvy employees who expect CIOs to play new roles – or be replaced. CSC's CIO Barometer 2012 report, based on a survey of more than 330 IT directors and managers, reveals the challenges and opportunities of a changing IT landscape.

Solution: Cloud Computing Services

Staying Airborne in Aerospace and Defense

An aerospace market driven recently by defense-related spending is plotting a new course piloted by the commercial sector. Uncertain economic times have companies focusing on increased productivity in core competencies and growth in more familiar domestic markets by way of existing product extensions. Learn what we discovered from a study of A&D industry decision makers conducted by CSC and Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.

Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Connected Consumer and the Future of Financial Services

A technological revolution is transforming the financial services industry by empowering consumers to connect with financial institutions and with each other in new ways. This change is driving opportunities around the world, most notably for lower income consumers with limited access to services. Learn about the four major drivers of change.

Industry: Financial Services

Keys to Supply Chain Management Success

Increasing numbers of supply chain officers are rising to the highest levels of their organizations. Leading supply chain operations are driving revenues and decreasing costs with three key capabilities – upstream and downstream visibility, powerful analytics and the flexibility to take action when needed. Learn more about the growing importance of supply chain.

Solution: Supply Chain Management and Optimization

Big Data Begins to Explode [Interactive] : Big Data Infographic

The world of Big Data is changing dramatically right before our eyes – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used. The trend of Big Data growth presents enormous challenges, but it also presents incredible business opportunities. Explore some of the latest trends in data.

Solution: Big Data

Big Data Begins to Explode [Interactive]

Once you get your mind around just how big our data has become, the next trick is to open your mind to the possibilities created by having all that data. Our big data interactive infographic will help you visualize some of these latest trends. Click through the three chapters of The Story of Big Data: Rapid Growth, New Databases and Better Insights.

Solution: Big Data

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CSC Global CIO Survey 2014 - 2015: A Snapshot of CIOs Plans, Priorities, Threats and Opportunities Transform to Win - Strategic IT Transformation Orchestrated Manufacturing Cyber Confidence Mobility in an Always-On World Big and Fast Data for Business Advantage The Cloud-Empowered Enterprise Next-Gen Apps Understanding Your Workplace 2013 CIO Barometer Ensuring Better Outcomes in Healthcare CSC's Global SAP Practice Taking on Cyberthreats and Driving Value Infographic - CSC CSC Industry: Aerospace and Defense Infographic Technology and Financial Services Infographic  Keys to Supply Chain Management Infographic - CSC The Rapid Growth of Big Data Infographic - CSC The Story of Big Data Infographic - CSC CSC’s Company Profile Infographic - CSC
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