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      What comes next? Insights offers a preview into the future through the eyes of our global network of thought leaders and researchers.

      Discover fresh ideas in business and new technology solutions developed from our Technology Office.

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      CSC World is our corporate publication that seeks to explain the business meaning behind advances in IT.

      A storm is heading toward CIOs – one that threatens to reshape the IT landscape. Mobile phones and tablets flooding the enterprise are helping make users more productive, and cloud is giving businesses new tools to do more with less.

      Check out our animated infographic to see how new technologies are shaking up the Automotive industry.

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    • CSC World - November 2013

      How NYSE Is Winning the Technology Arms Race
      CSC World Magazine

      In this issue, Dieter Eisinger, SVP and Chief Procurement Officer, NYSE Euronext, talks about his company's cost-savings plans, its IT initiatives and a strategic partnership with CSC, plus more on cybersecurity, cloud, big data and more.

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      CSC World is our corporate publication that seeks to explain the business meaning behind advances in IT.

      Showcases the latest CSC news and stories of how we’re helping our customers address pressing issues.

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      CIO Barometer

      The 5th Annual CIO Barometer captures the insights, trends and innovations compiled from more than 600 CIOs across the world. This is the most comprehensive industry weather map you'll find, ensuring you can prep for the seas ahead, rough or calm as they may be.

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      The 'Data rEvolution' Has Begun
      Apps rEvolution

      This report explores the impact of apps on an astonishing array of consumer and business activities while simultaneously establishing a new model for how information systems will be built and used in the future, reinforcing the growing “apps economy.”

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      CSC's corporate responsibility report highlights our latest environmental and social sustainability accomplishments.

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