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      Achieving extraordinary results for our clients is what our Distinguished Architects, Distinguished Engineers and Awards for Technical Excellence winners do every day. Their expertise advances the state of the art for complex integration and next-generation technologies.

      Deep Expertise

      See our broad architectural excellence, leadership and technology integration.

      See the breadth and depth of our top engineering talent.

      Check out these extraordinary client projects. Innovation and results in action.

  • Open Source
    • CSC and Open Source

      Open technology innovation is a key pillar of our technology strategy. Open source technology stokes ingenuity and co-creation, enabling faster innovation and high-quality, robust software. Our open source program unlocks the value of the open source community for ourselves, clients and partners.

      Open Source

      CSC’s Open Source Program helps the entire software community move forward faster.

      Why use open source? It's about agility, speed, competitive advantage and more.

      Check out our open source projects under the CSC organization.

      Check out our open source projects at CSC Infochimps.

  • Forward Thinking
    • Technology Directions

      We examine the role of innovation in the marketplace both now and in the years to come. By studying technology’s current realities and anticipating its future shape, we give organizations insights balanced for tactical as well as strategic actions.

      Journey to the Digital Enterprise - 8 Shifts to Navigate

      Explore the 8 key shifts shaping enterprises and the industry in the digital era.

      Learn from the executive summaries, videos, self-assessments and blog posts of our Leading Edge Forum. The LEF, which coined the term "consumerization," examines the Next Practices at the intersection of business and information technology.

      These thought leadership pieces take a deep dive into the disruptive technology landscape, covering: Apps rEvolution, 3D Printing, Connected Consumer, Data rEvolution and the Future of Healthcare.

      Our technology leaders discuss tech trends, disruptions, our tech transformation and more. Check out our YouTube channel.

      Social Scene

      View our latest social media buzz in a visual and interactive way.

      Ingenious Minds

      Get to know what some of our top innovators across the company are saying.

  • Leading Edge Forum
    • Leveraging Industry Trends and Next Practices

      LEF is a global research and thought leadership community dedicated to helping large organizations identify and adopt Next Practices at the growing intersection between business and IT.

      Digital Chef Recipe – The Holodeck
      Digital Chef, Lewis Richards, showcases how consumer technology can be used to solve real business problems.

      The pace of tech change and shift to a digital world has been so great that it's small wonder busy executives have trouble keeping up. Download the paper, Executive Upgrade Required for advice on upgrading your digital skills.

      Watch the video interview for insights into the current state of collaborative technologies in the organizations involved in the research, plus factors for successful initiatives, views on the barriers to collaboration and the pitfalls to overcome

      We have sleepwalked into the 21st century with 20th century business models. We must now reinvent our firms to succeed in a century that started almost 20 years ago.

      As digital technology pervades, the BRM role must grow to provide the leadership that companies need.