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Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson
Chief Technologist, Networks
Michael started his career as a design for manufacturing technician with Motorola in a semiconductor engineering pilot group. He has worked in a variety of Information Technology fields, including Systems Administration; Data Center, Cyber Security, Network and Platform Engineering; as well as Network and Systems Architecture. He is currently working as the Chief Technologist of CSC’s Networks, working in offering development, offering delivery and thought leadership in technology. Michael has a B.S. in Engineering from Arizona State University.

Michael has a passion for technology, blogging regularly about a variety of concepts in the field. He’s a true believer in ongoing learning, that change is continuous and we can aspire to greater heights by openly sharing ideas.



Enabling the Vision of Software-Defined Networking

Networking, like compute and storage before it, is undergoing a virtualization transformation. The transformation is being driven by two fundamental shifts: software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).