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Sankar Rao Vema
Sankar Rao Vema
Architect and Distinguished Engineer
Sankar is a technology enthusiast, futurist, researcher and author who is an expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and other disruptive technologies. Sankar has a deep understanding of computer algorithms, data science and architecture; can program in 18 different languages; and is an active open source contributor. He leverages his breadth and depth of technology skills in the Advanced Technology Development (ATD) group of the Office of the CTO, where he maps disruptive technologies to advanced AI concepts and showcases his work for clients in ATD centers.

Earlier in his career Sankar created a complex AI system for a client that understood the designs and extracted meta data from engineering drawings to build a digital catalog of parts using then nascent computer vision technology, saving the client millions, and he built a model for predicting optimal ship operations (traffic scheduling) that won him an award.