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Faisal Siddiqi
Faisal Siddiqi
Architect and Distinguished Engineer
LOCATION: United States
EXPERTISE: Mobility, Insurance
Faisal Siddiqi is an expert in mobile technologies, user experience (UX) design, performance engineering, Application Programming Interface (API) design and open source. Much of his work focuses on the insurance industry. As architect for CSC Mobile Insurance, Faisal directs all design, training, learning and development activities and sets technology direction and mentoring for the team. He is establishing procedures to cross-train mobile with non-mobile team members, as mobile technologies can no longer be separated from mainstream product development.

Faisal also leads the CSC Open Source Program, is a top contributor to the LinkedIn REST Architects group, and is a leader in CSC’s Architecture & Engineering Community. He has co-written several articles on APIs and speaks at industry conferences. He is an enthusiastic mentor and trainer, having begun his career as a technical instructor.