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Rich Herald is a Senior Partner at CSC.
Rich Herald
Senior Partner and Distinguished Engineer
LOCATION: United States
As lead performance engineer for one of the U.S. state insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Rich’s responsibilities include leading the performance strategy effort, capacity planning and transaction analysis. He leads architectural support for hardware, component deployment and disaster recovery design for the insurance exchange.

Rich also served as chief solution architect for a retail pharmacy application project at one of the largest grocery chains in North America. This effort was the largest IT project in the client’s history and included design, implementation and roll-out of 2,000 pharmacies.

Rich has also worked with a range of diverse CSC clients including the Federal Reserve, Kaiser Permanente, MasterCard, ETS, New York State, U.S. Postal Service, CPIC and Siemens. Rich received the 2009 CSC GBS Award for Consulting Partner Excellence, the NASA Manned Flight Awareness Honoree Award, honorary mention for the 2011 CSC Chairman’s Award as well as client awards for leadership. He speaks at CSC and industry events on the topics of performance, scalability and system architecture.