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Mike Dyer
Mike Dyer
Senior Principal Solution Architect and Distinguished Architect
LOCATION: United States
Mike is a senior principal solution architect with deep experience in both Global Business Services and Global Infrastructure Services. He has architected solutions for continuous operations, high-performance applications, multi-system interoperability and application modernization. Mike is a 2009 IRS CIO Award for Excellence Winner. He is co-creator of CSC’s Global Architecture (A10) Capability Framework and a leader of CSC’s Architecture & Engineering Community.

For the implementation in 2009 of the IRS Tax Modernization systems, still in use today, Mike received the IRS CIO's Award for Excellence. He received the CSC Award for Technical Excellence in 2004 for the successful implementation of the New York State Medicaid system, and the CSC Award for Technical Excellence in 2002 for his work on a predictive Architecture Visualization and Modeling decision support system.