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Dr Joanne Curry, PhD
Dr Joanne Curry, PhD
Healthcare Solutions Specialist
LOCATION: Macquarie Park, Australia
EXPERTISE: Healthcare

Joanne is a highly experienced Health Informatician who has expertise in a wide range of areas. Specialising in patient journey modelling she has significant experience in managing healthcare improvement/transformation projects involving both technical and clinical stakeholders using various technologies and involving complex organisational cultures.

Joanne has applied her innovative approach to a variety of clinical projects both in Australia and overseas. She was responsible for designing the integration of four disparate clinical services into one integrated patient journey for the North West Cancer Centre in Tamworth, NSW, and her work also contributed to an indigenous maternity care transformation project which was recognised in the publication of the NHMRC’s ‘Ten of the Best Research Projects of 2014’.

Joanne holds a provisional patent relating to her unique patient journey methodology, and her publication record includes over 45 articles in both journals and conference proceedings. Her experience in the health informatics research field is also recognised by her Adjunct Professor affiliations with University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, University of Technology Sydney and Griffith University (QLD).