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Ron Fucci
Ron Fucci
Application Architect, Healthcare
LOCATION: United States
Ron is an Application Architect with CSC’s Healthcare group. He has a deep foundation in understanding of Health IT problem solving based upon medical practice, HIE implementation architecture development, and Health IT mission critical projects. Ron’s unique capability mix includes medical practice, medical process knowledge, Health IT architecture, Enterprise Solution Architecture providing insight and ability to triangulate ambiguous organizational structures superimposed on project work to reach solutions.

Prior to working within the CSC, Ron worked for HP, IBM and Johnson and Johnson. He also performed solution architect and project director roles for a Federal Grant to implement an HIE with the University of Florida in Jacksonville, FL, collaborating with the State of Florida FHIN initiative.



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NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

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A recent survey of digital and business strategy conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by CSC found that healthcare organizations are moving aggressively to adopt digital technologies.

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