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Martin Bartlett
Martin Bartlett
Chief Product Architect, Insurance Practice and Distinguished Engineer
EXPERTISE: Insurance
Martin is a Chief Product Architect in CSC’s Insurance practice in the South and Western Europe region. Since joining CSC in 1988, Martin has played a central role in the architecture, design, development, implementation, deployment and support of some of CSC's most far-reaching strategic projects in the insurance domain. He is considered the chief technical architect of GraphTalk A.I.A. and is a strong advocate for cloud-deployed SaaS solutions and the API economy.

Outside of CSC, Martin has been an active contributor in the public development domain. He is the creator of RSS Live Links, an RSS Reader browser extension for Google Chrome, as well as an early user interface for PERL. A stack engine Martin built for the heart of a calculator he created was adopted by the KDE desktop developers as the heart of their calculator, KCalc.