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Guy Lucchi
Guy Lucchi
Chief Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences industry software and Distinguished Architect
LOCATION: United Kingdon
Guy Lucchi is a director in CSC’s Healthcare and Life Sciences practice in the United Kingdom. He is the chief architect of healthcare and life sciences industry software (HCLS) for CSC in the region and has been intimately involved in some of CSC’s largest and most visible healthcare initiatives.

As a lead technologist in Healthcare, he is often called on to lead teams that resolve the most complex system problems. Guy served as the Chief Technology Officer for CSC on the NHS National Programme for IT for 7 years described as the largest, most complex, civil IT-enabled transformation for a civil client ever undertaken in the world, with a total contract value of $5 billion. More recently, he has played a leading role ensuring the success of a client patient coordination system, a first-of-its-kind solution in the population health market.



NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

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A recent survey of digital and business strategy conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by CSC found that healthcare organizations are moving aggressively to adopt digital technologies.

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As healthcare begins to shift its focus from episodic, late-disease management, to a long-term health partnership with patients, new models of care will need new models of technology.