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Peter Rehaeusser
Peter Rehaeusser
Head of Cybersecurity Consulting, Germany
Peter Rehaeusser leads the German CSC Cybersecurity Consulting team. He and his team are helping organizations to identify security strategies and plan, design, deploy, operate or certify the most appropriate security countermeasures for governance, risk management & compliance in their specific business environment.

Peter works for CSC since 2000 as IT security consultant. In more than 200 engagements and proposal situation in a wide variety of industries and types of customers he collected a comprehensive understanding of customer security needs, todays Cyber threats and challenges as well as possible and cost effective mitigation strategies and countermeasures. His broad experience across the branches from banking/insurance to manufacturing to health care, pharma, public services and defense is complemented with security focused expertise in software engineering, networks and IT infrastructure, open-source and enterprise applications, cryptography, operative security management and strategic thinking.