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Phil Hemmings
Phil Hemmings
Director of Global Industry Marketing for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Phil is responsible for global reputation management and marketing for CSC’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Business. He joined CSC through the 2011 acquisition of iSOFT, an innovative provider of software applications for the healthcare sector. Prior to joining iSOFT, he was a Director for a UK-headquartered education technology company. Earlier in his career he held senior marketing and communications positions specialising in public affairs, strategy and corporate communications. A very long time ago, he designed software for some of the first microcomputer networks. Phil holds a degree in pure mathematics from Warwick University.



NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

Healthcare: IT as a Competitive Necessity

A recent survey of digital and business strategy conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by CSC found that healthcare organizations are moving aggressively to adopt digital technologies.

Digital Health: The Next 10 Years

As healthcare begins to shift its focus from episodic, late-disease management, to a long-term health partnership with patients, new models of care will need new models of technology.