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Boris Rachev
Boris Rachev
Global Health Economist
LOCATION: Washington D.C.
EXPERTISE: Healthcare
Boris is an experienced health economist, published author, and industry strategist with 17 years of thought leadership in economic analysis and evaluation. He gained his experience working for big public and private sector domestic and international consultancies and think tanks. Throughout his career Boris has been involved in a variety of leadership and strategic research roles and has extensive global public and private health sector expertise. He holds a diploma from Stanford University and a graduate degree in economics and public policy from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.



NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

NHS Trafford Co-Ordination Centre - A New Model

Healthcare: IT as a Competitive Necessity

A recent survey of digital and business strategy conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by CSC found that healthcare organizations are moving aggressively to adopt digital technologies.

Digital Health: The Next 10 Years

As healthcare begins to shift its focus from episodic, late-disease management, to a long-term health partnership with patients, new models of care will need new models of technology.