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David	 Welsh
David Welsh
Industry Strategist, Insurance
LOCATION: Australia

David is currently the Insurance Industry Strategist for the Australia & New Zealand region.

David has 30 years experience' in information technology and Life Insurance. He has consulted and implemented systems across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and for the last 14 years has been based in Sydney, Australia.

He has a wide range of experience, including consulting, constructing and delivering innovative, creative business solutions to meet customer requirements, as well as project, software and people management.

Some of his responsibilities whilst based in Australia have included customer relationships, account management, leading new business pursuit teams, managing CSCs local insurance products and as the Head of Life Insurance for CSC Australia, being accountability for the delivery of all financial services applications business within Australia and New Zealand.

David has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics & Computing from the University of Exeter, England.


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