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Ernesto Díaz
Ernesto Díaz
Sr. Principal, Regional CTO
LOCATION: São Paulo - Brazil
With twenty years of experience in IT, leading practices for Business and Technology Transformation programs, Ernesto works as Regional CTO for Brazil and South America, responsible for launching and delivering solutions based on next-generation technologies such as SaaS and Big Data, defining go to market strategies and delivery operational model.

Ernesto worked in several industries, including Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Financial, Retail, Poultry, Manufacturing, Utilities and Public Sector, in Brazil, North America, Central America and The Caribbean.

Ernesto spent the last fifteen years delivering large and complex projects IT Projects, in a large array of industries in several countries. Back in 2010, Ernesto successfully delivered a completely customized system for the Brazilian Government for internal debt administration. Also Ernesto has been focused in technologies such as ABC, BOP, BPM, e-Commerce, CRM, BW, Utilities Billing Systems, etc.

As a former professor in Caracas, Venezuela, Ernesto teaches advanced programming oriented for graphical development with focus on libraries. Currently, Ernesto is focusing on how to explore in-memory technology for business process acceleration and predictive analysis application for energy distribution utilities industry.