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David Moschella
David Moschella
Director of Research, CSC's LEF
David Moschella is the Global Research Director for the Leading Edge Forum. In this position, he guides a series of strategic research initiatives aimed at helping CIOs and other Enterprise IT leaders understand and exploit the ever-expanding intersection between business and information technology. David’s key areas of expertise include globalization, industry restructuring, disruptive technologies, and the co-evolution of business and IT. David is the author of multiple research reports including the 2014 CIO Barometer, Building your Firm from the Outside-in, Fusing the Growth and Austerity Agendas via Information Technology, The Next Generation of Digital Game-Changers and Rethinking Risk - Strategies for Today's Changing Business Climate.

David’s second book, Customer-Driven IT, How Users Are Shaping Technology Industry Growth, was published in 2003 by Harvard Business School Press. The book assessed the implications of the shift from a supplier-driven to a customer-led IT environment. His 1997 book, Waves of Power, assessed global competition within the IT vendor community. He has written some 200 columns for Computerworld, the IT Industry’s leading publication on Enterprise IT.

David previously spent 15 years with International Data Corporation, where he was IDC’s main spokesperson on global IT industry trends and was responsible for its worldwide technology, industry and market forecasts.


2014 Outside-in Barometer - Infographic

2014 Barometer survey shows that business strategy scores higher on outside-in migration than IT management. Discover more.

Building your Firm from the Outside-in

As the centre of gravity of the IT industry moves outside of the walls of the firm, Enterprise IT organizations must either move with it or be left behind. This will require an architectureand culture that helps the firm to change at the speed of its customers, its markets, and technology itself. IT must anticipate the business change agenda, and use this knowledge to shape its priorities.