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Sydney Tran
Sydney Tran
Comms & High Tech Strategist
LOCATION: Falls Church, VA
Sydney is a seasoned strategist with over 20 years of IT/Business strategy and planning experience in the areas of Communications and High Tech. Prior to joining CSC, Sydney was the Global Business Innovation and Supply Chain Management Practice Lead with Hewlett-Packard. Sydney has a strong track record in planning, marketing, and new business development in high-technology and Telco environments. He led teams of global, cross-functional, multi-cultural consultants that specialized in developing opportunities and executing full-scale supply chain and product lifecycle transformation engagements at Samsung and Microsoft. He is a creative thinker with exceptional analytical and integrative skills. Sydney is using his experience and track record for improving operational performance and increasing shareholder value are to help CSC discovers and accelerates our business development and delivering portfolio.

Sydney holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, MS and MBA degrees from the University of Maryland. He’s an avid photographer, a marathon runner and a long distance swimmer.