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Howard Smith
Howard Smith
CTO, Researcher, Author
LOCATION: United Kingdom

Howard Smith is Chief Technology Officer (Europe) and a Research Associate with the Leading Edge Forum. A sought after speaker, advisor and problem solver, his expertise spans early stage technology search, computer science, software engineering, systems integration, business process, services innovation, ideation and horizon/futures scanning.

Howard has recently developed CSC's methodology for Services Innovation, based on Services Blueprinting and the Southbeach Notation (also his creation). Howard’s past contributions to open development includes knowledge representation for e-commerce (founder Ontology.Org) and business process systems and notation (founder and co-chair Howard is the author of two books: Business Process Management: The Third Wave and IT Doesn’t Matter - Business Processes Do.

Howard has consistently tracked early stage and emerging technologies for CSC since the mid 1990s. His work was formalised as the CSC "SEEDS" program in 2006 from which five ideas are selected every two weeks and published as a technology newsletter to all employees. Previous roles at CSC include global Director CSC “Collective Intelligence” (employee engagement, idea management, jams, SEEDS), global Director CSC BPM Center of Excellence, and Director “E-Strategy” European Consulting.