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Carl Kinson
Carl Kinson
Technology Portfolio Integration Lead and Distinguished Architect
LOCATION: United Kingdom
Carl Kinson is a Distinguished Architect and the Technology Portfolio Integration Lead for CSC's Office of the CTO. His current responsibility is to define the technology strategy and develop the reference architectures, working across CSC's CTO community and vendor ecosystem to provide alignment and thought leadership for technology adoption and integration into CSC.

He has over 19 years’ experience designing, building and managing complex solutions that help clients across Industries maximize the potential of their organization through business led IT solutions.



Distinguished Architect

Carl Kinson is one of CSC's Distinguished Architects.

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These system-level thinkers design and deliver technically elegant, practical solutions that have often exceeded our clients’ expectations.


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With the digital-twin approach building prescriptive models shows how new products will work by creating rules that map from design to performance, adding randomness to simulate risk.

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CSC Smart Cities Platform: An Innovate UK Project With AMEY PLC

As the population of cities and places continues to grow, so do the demands placed on local infrastructure. In a time of austerity, local authorities and their service providers are facing the growing challenges of maintaining the quality and lifespan of the highway, as well as accommodating the increasing volume of telecoms and utility company works required to satisfy the public need for essential services such as electricity, gas water and communications.