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  • Agile Health
    • Agile Health

      Patient-Centric Care in the Modern Healthcare Environment

      Medicine is changing, and the provision of healthcare is changing with it. Recognizing that new models of care need new models of IT, our focus is on Agile Health. CSC’s Agile Health strategy will help you transform your health information technology so you can achieve the flexibility and efficiency you need to deliver more patient-centric care in the future.

      CSC's industry experts discuss the challenges and opportunities in today's healthcare market.

      Learn more about CSC's Agile Health solutions and see how you can leverage our expertise to achieve greater agility.

      There is no other sector in the economy undergoing more of a squeeze than U.S. health system.

  • eHealth Optimization
    • eHealth Optimization

      Maximize Existing Investments

      Healthcare providers have made deep technology investments. They now look to both deliver against regulatory requirements and achieve clinical and operational benefits – at the same time they need to rebalance their IT budget to drive business innovation. Learn how we can help you maximize the value of eHealth investments and enable staff to focus on clinical and operational innovation.

      CSC's industry experts discuss how eHealth Optimization can help your organization transform to drive operational improvement and cost savings.

      CSC's solutions can help you maximize the value of eHealth investments and enable staff to focus on clinical and operational innovation.

      In looking to maximize the value of their organization’s investment, innovative CIOs need to ask themselves three straightforward questions.

  • Population Health
    • Population Health Enablement

      Improve Patient Outcomes

      The rapidly changing healthcare environment, characterized by aging populations, chronic disease and new therapies mean that healthcare providers are looking to new models of care. Learn how we can help you improve patient outcomes by integrating care across system boundaries.

      Listen to CSC's industry experts talk about how our Population Health Enablement solutions that can help your organization.

      CSC can help you establish new models of care and leverage your data to gain an accurate picture of the forces affecting your organization.

      What would physician John Snow make of the opportunities available to enable public health in the 21st Century?

  • Agile IT
    as a Service
    • Agile IT as a Service

      Increase Organization Flexibility and Responsiveness

      The changing healthcare environment means that healthcare providers need to respond with rapid transformation. In addition, increasing experience of consumer IT means traditional health information technology approaches no longer meet stakeholder expectations. Learn how we can help you increase organizational flexibility, agility and responsiveness, while reducing costs.

      Listen to CSC's industry experts discuss how healthcare CIOs can leverage as-a-service models to accelerate innovation and reduce overall operating costs.

      Using a dynamic ITaaS model, healthcare organizations can innovate quickly and efficiently.

      CSC's CTO Femi Ladega talks to Intermountain Healthcare Healthy Dialogues about data security.

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