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At CSC we offer a 2 year training programme within the Cyber Security division of the company.

Cyber Consulting

During your two years you will be spread across assignments in Consulting and Managed Services that aim to give you a breadth of knowledge before you then focus and develop a depth of capability in a chosen area. In time you will have the opportunity to see how a Security Operations Centre really works and be involved in the more “sensitive” side of Cyber engagements. We understand that it’s a Catch 22, it’s difficult to get into Cyber without experience but without a break you cannot get the experience.

Security Operations Centre

CSC UK Security operations centre (SOC) is part of a global logistical SOC, which consists of 5 geographically dispersed SOC’s, servicing specific regions whilst collaborating with one another. The UK SOC provides service to the UK and wider European regions. These range from managed security technologies through to security monitoring, alerting and treat intelligence. Joining the SOC will afford you the ability to expand your security knowledge and apply this knowledge to real world environments. Providing services to companies from all verticals within industry, you would be joining a global team of security professionals with a wealth of experience.

In your first 2 years you will be working within the Threat Assessment Centre (TAC) as a security analyst providing 24/7 network security monitoring and also working within a wider security engineering team providing managed security services to our client base

Working within the SOC you will be exposed to a wide array of security technologies from Security Incident & Event management systems through to next generation technologies and be put through a continuous training plan to develop your abilities in the relevant areas and will provide the foundation to a full career in both analytics and security engineering.

We are keen to meet those that have an interest in this world of ever changing technology and wish to make this into the start of their Cyber career.

The Business Graduate

You’ll probably have studied a degree course that included Business Studies/Psychology/ Law. The Cyber Business graduate needs to be interested in how technology affects business and be focused on detail and good at engaging with people.

The Technical Graduate

You’ll have a Computer Science degree and a basic understanding of some of the technical solutions that build up a Security Architecture e.g. SIEM’s; Endpoint protection; Encryption; Access Management.

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Introduction to Cyber Security Graduate Programme

Is this the career for you?

Are you interested in developing your technical skills in a leading edge of computing?

Are you interested in developing your business process skills in areas that cross over with law?

Are you interested in developing your soft people / psychology skills?

Are you interested in developing your cyber operational skills within a Security Operations Centre?

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