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Journey to the Digital Enterprise

Businesses today face a digital imperative. In order to make better and faster decisions — and improve productivity — today’s most progressive businesses are leveraging digital technologies to put highly contextualized information in the hands of their employees, partners and clients. This demand for the right information at the right time to the right person is forcing key shifts in how IT is delivered and results are achieved, especially in light of rapidly changing regulatory controls and increasing information threats. To help you understand and benefit from these shifts, the Journey to the Digital Enterprise papers explore the shifts’ impact on both business and technology operations, and suggest how enterprises can get started on their own digital journey.

A note from our CTO

Dan Hushon, CTO

Dan Hushon, CTO, CSC

Journey to the Digital Enterprise - 9 Shifts to Navigate

Digital technology continues to transform every industry. Earlier this year CSC published a series of in-depth position papers — collectively entitled “Journey to the Digital Enterprise” — to crisply describe the important digital shifts that are transforming your industry and organization. Now, just a few months later, we’ve updated the position papers to reflect the digital transformation’s fast-moving changes.

Each of the updated papers now delves even deeper into the key transformational shifts, with fresh analysis on the impact of big data, cybersecurity and highly contextualized information, as well as new industry insights from the Leading Edge Forum. We expect to continue updating these position papers as we gain new experiences and knowledge, and to detail how digital transformation is making an impact on other industries. We’ll share all new versions of the Digital Enterprise papers with you, our employees and our partners.

As before, the series of CSC position papers examine transformational shifts that affect all industries and at specific industries. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Shifts affecting all industries: 2. Industry-specific shifts:

Collectively, these papers illustrate how the digital transformational shifts affect both business and technology. They also provide guidance on how your organization can move forward in its own digital transformation journey — a journey that represents a tectonic shift.

The time to act is now. To help your organization navigate its journey to a digital future, read the updated CSC Digital Enterprise position papers today.

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