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      Information has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise, apart from its people. The threat to that information has risen in proportion to the value of information. As enterprise IT becomes fully integrated – from the smartphone, through the cloud
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      To fully protect against cyber threats, consider the important issues highlighted in this infographic.

      Services to formulate an effective security strategy, including organization, governance, metrics, process and technology deployment, and meet legal and regulatory compliance.

      When it comes to cybersecurity, enterprises need to know how they stand in reality — not where their policy says they stand. Today, regulatory and compliance mandates demand it.

      With IT budget constraints remaining the norm, everyone needs to keep costs contained while also remaining competitive. Security is no exception.

      BC/DR plans are the bedrock of preparedness. For organizations, they are components of sound risk management; a means of preserving resiliency during extreme duress.

      Our practical, comprehensive, and efficient approach to cybersecurity risk management complements the dynamic business nature of the cloud.

      Trusted identities and controlling access to information are crucial when it comes to the delivery of commercial and government services.

      The chances are high that an organization will suffer some sort of breach that will require a skilled response. Executing an incident response plan is the ultimate test of readiness.

      CSC is the only company accredited to perform common criteria IT security evaluations in four countries across three continents. Our proven processes and experienced security experts can help you quickly and cost-effectively certify your products to the standard required by many Government and civilian agencies.

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    • Cybersecurity Blogs

      by Matthew O’Brien — Detection, and the prevention of data exfiltration, is the new name of the game, and the game has no rules. To stay in play requires more than your traditional scanning tools. Now the issue becomes how to manage the unknown.

      by Venkat Luckyreddy — Over the past few years, the IT landscape has undergone a huge transformation. Against this backdrop, the application layer will continue its role as the soft target in era of increasing cybercrime.

      by Rob Carey — As one of the newest members of CSC’s global cybersecurity team, I thought I might offer some initial thoughts on subjects of importance that come from a perspective gained through more than 36 years in the public sector.

      by Samuel S. Visner — In this age of growing cybersecurity threats and the ever-increasing value of information, the trend is clear: For cybersecurity, a “SOX moment” may be coming.

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