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  • Cloud Computing
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      5 Steps to Enterprise Cloud

      Consumerization of IT is sweeping the enterprise. Personal smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media and more are stealthily infiltrating companies worldwide.

      Now it’s widely assumed that the next technology to be “consumerized” will be cloud services. Many industry analysts now forecast that the consumer cloud — the kind of popular, low-cost service offered by Amazon, Rackspace and others — will be to cloud services what the iPhone was to mobile devices.

      From public to private to community, clouds come in different shapes and sizes. Lately, many organizations are turning to hybrid solutions that can be tailored to meet the needs of any enterprise.

      Eric Pulier, vice president and GM of cloud at CSC, explains why 2014 is the year of the multi-cloud.

  • Big Data
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      5 'Must Haves' for Every BI Dashboard

      The effective use of business intelligence (BI) can give companies a distinct advantage over their competitors. Delivering timely information to key decision makers can be accomplished via the deployment of a well-designed and well maintained BI dashboard.

      BI dashboards deliver numerous benefits to enterprises. Companies can achieve significant cost savings by adopting performance dashboards, because they allow for better decision making by giving management recent or even live information. Additionally, by consolidating disparate reports via a BI dashboard, companies save money by reducing or eliminating effort.

      In manufacturing, the shift from preventive to predictive maintenance is reducing unplanned downtime and boosting productivity on the shop floor.

      Last year, many companies were successful integrating legacy mainframes with new big data infrastructure. Andy Walker, vice president and general manager of Big Data at CSC, sees a different focus for 2014.

  • Cybersecurity
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      Healthcare and Cybersecurity: The Pressure’s On

      As major security breaches continue to top the news, governments and organizations respond with new regulations, increased oversight and stiffer penalties. Simultaneously, increased demand for mobility and expanding supply chains, along with a desire to link IT systems to industrial control systems, adds to risk. Cybersecurity has taken center stage for healthcare CIOs, as evidenced by responses to CSC’s 2013 CIO Barometer survey.

      The fifth annual CIO Barometer represents the views of more than 680 IT managers, directors and officers working for organizations across 18 countries. For those operating in the healthcare sector, cybersecurity consistently appeared as a priority and challenge, regardless of whether the subject was innovation, management or cost.

      New security information and event management tools can help detect cyberattacks and theft, even when other methods can’t.

      No retailer wants to be the next target for cyberattack. Yet megabreaches continue to succeed. A lot of that pain and suffering can be avoided if retailers take these steps.

  • Applications
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      Extreme Makeover: Application Edition

      The inspiration for your next IT transformation project might come from an unexpected place: HGTV (Home and Garden TV). Between new home tours and island house hunts, some of the most fascinating shows feature rehab projects that turn dilapidated structures into dazzling homes with classic lines and modern updates. Turn on your TV and check it out. There's a lesson here for CIOs and application portfolio managers.

      Disruptive technologies are descending on the enterprise at an accelerating rate. While these shiny new tools offer the promise of a leap forward in productivity and innovation, they can also address a lingering issue — an IT attic full of legacy applications. In IT speak, making over these applications is called "modernization," and it is a discipline of application portfolio management that provides a direction to simplify and extend the life of a legacy environment.

      Potholes. Broken streetlights. Blocked cycling paths. Nobody likes these kinds of roadway obstacles. In Belgium, residents are using a new app to report these and related street problems.

      For decades, applications outsourcing helped CIOs supplement their staffs, contain costs and improve results. That’s still true. But last year’s model will no longer do.

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