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CR Report: Our Clients

Partnerships that count, results that matter

SAP Pinnacle Awards

We were awarded two 2010 SAP Pinnacle Awards in the areas of customer satisfaction and sustainability. SAP Pinnacle Awards are granted to leading SAP partners that have excelled in enhancing the customer experience, addressing critical issues such as accelerating co-innovation and improving return on investment.

CSC continues to work with industry leaders like SAP to help clients realize the benefits of sustainability, and we’re proud to take home a 2010 Pinnacle Award in the category Sustainability Partner of the Year for our efforts and expertise in such a crucial part of our business.

Turning a Recycling Program into a New Customer Offering

Team members Sébastien Marie,
Jean-Vincent Cazaux, Maryna Fedrigo
and Olivier Douville were awarded a
2010 Chairman’s Award for Excellence
for creating Eco Orange.It’s widely reported that the majority of people worldwide keep their old mobile phones, even if they don’t use them. French telecommunications company Orange recognized this inefficiency as a huge opportunity. With CSC, it set out to transform its process for collecting old phones into a revenue- generating, environmentally friendly proposition. The Eco Orange program is providing a second life to mobile handsets, while also helping to improve customer loyalty, increase purchasing power, provide eco-friendly benefits to the planet, and enable developing countries to obtain inexpensive mobile phones. The customers benefit by either paying less for a mobile replacement or by upgrading their mobile device to a superior model.

The Eco Orange concept is to collect old mobile phones and laptops from users, whether Orange customers or not. If the item is in poor condition, Orange recycles it. If it is in good condition, Orange issues a credit voucher that customers can use in Orange shops toward the purchase of a new mobile phone or any other item in the shop. The recycled phone is sold for parts or, if in good condition, refurbished and resold. Money from parts sold goes to charities. Refurbished phones are sold to developing countries through brokers.

Eco Orange combines economic efficiency, social equity and environmental protection in a sustainable business model. The solution can be applied in any country with minimal modifications; it can be extended to other telcos, the retail sector and organizations that have products that can be recycled. Orange actively encourages people to recycle by selling second-hand mobile phones — a new market that can be extended to other mobile devices.

Our business thrives through the partnerships we maintain with the deep trust of our clients.

To that end, we surveyed our global account leaders to find out how sustainability and CR fit into our business objectives and the goals of our clients. The results show that environmental sustainability remains a key concern for our clients and a key area for innovation at CSC.

Here are a few examples of our client and partner collaboration this year:

BAE Systems Military Air Solutions: Recycling, Reuse Minimize Environmental Impact

CSC collaborated with BAE Systems and its equipment provider to develop and implement a new approach for recycling and reuse. By applying end-of- life analysis to refurbish and extend the life of IT equipment and reviewing BAE Systems’ existing IT disposal process, we were able to first focus on driving efficiencies where significant waste was generated, and then pinpoint areas where recycling and reuse could be applied and packaging eliminated. This resulted in 100% reuse or recycling of IT packaging, meeting European Community directive regulations and eliminating BAE Systems’ disposal costs.

U.S. Federal Agencies: Innovations to Address Climate Change

We are developing offerings that support climate change research, prevention and adaptation, such as:

  • Providing high-performance computing services to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to better enable scientists to study climate change
  • Helping the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study the impact of climate change on water supplies in the United States
  • Reducing carbon emissions and improving gas mileage efficiency with a state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation System in the State of Maryland

Partnering with our clients, our alliance partners and our suppliers for a more sustainable world

CSC–SAP Partnership: Helping Clients Improve Sustainable Performance

CSC and SAP have collaborated to develop, test and implement the SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management application. This application simplifies the process of tracking and communicating sustainability performance, setting goals and objectives, managing risks and monitoring activities — empowering our clients with the means to more strategically define and manage their sustainability and carbon accounting goals.

Green Supply Chain Partnership

We have developed a Green Supply Chain optimization solution that defines supply efficiencies and innovations that will at once reduce operational costs while factoring in all implications to the environment.

Our solution helps clients optimize their green supply chain to minimize energy use and carbon emissions. This includes strategies around lowering carbon products, using efficient transportation modes and greening their facilities for a comprehensive environmental sustainability program.

Server Virtualization: Green Data Centers Reduce Energy Usage, Drive Savings

As our clients look to leaner and greener IT operations, CSC virtualization technologies are helping them do more with less. Nearly half of a company’s standard IT budget is spent on energy, much of it used to power data centers. Between 30% and 50% of the power used in a data center is spent on cooling.

In server virtualization, a single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers, enabling a variety of operating environments and applications to run on a single device rather than multiple ones.

In one example, we helped a client move its applications from 47 standalone Unix servers to four virtualized machines — dramatically reducing the amount of floor space needed to house, power and cool its equipment. This not only reduced our client’s carbon footprint, but also helped the company save $100,000 a year in unneeded floor-space costs.

CSC and DuPont Advance Cost-Effective Compliance, Sustainability

For a global leader such as DuPont, not only is sustainability a top priority, but being a pacesetter in regulatory compliance is essential to differentiating the brand and staying competitive. DuPont selected CSC as its REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) solution partner, leveraging our SAP expertise to develop a regulatory compliance technology platform. Our role was integral to helping DuPont develop repeatable business processes for implementing essential compliance programs, to meet regulatory standards across multiple geographies.

CSC’s vice president of Quality and
Six Sigma, Rob Bryant, greets Space
Shuttle astronaut Ken Cockell.We are also partnering with DuPont to build an industry-first enterprise compliance and sustainability unified framework using common business processes, a common reference architecture and data model. We have extended this capability to greenhouse gas and carbon management.

Six Sigma Lean Methodologies Drive Efficiency

Six Sigma and Lean are rigorous process-improvement methodologies that cut costs by rooting out inefficiencies and imperfections. The result: improved quality, profitability and customer satisfaction.

With its emphasis on reducing waste, Lean is an excellent complement to Six Sigma. To help clients integrate and implement both methodologies, CSC has developed a robust Lean/ Six Sigma Program that trains, develops and deploys certified experts across the globe — skill levels are designated as Green Belt, Black Belt and Six Sigma Champion.