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CIOs Emerge as Disruptive Innovators

The more compelling story around cloud this year centers on industry as opposed to geographic region. Private or hybrid, current investment or planned priority, the responses reveal two truths:

IT leaders in government/private sector continue to invest heavily in cloud with both private cloud and hybrid cloud management viewed as strategic priorities.
"As a service delivery", private cloud and hybrid cloud management are viewed by an overwhelming majority of IT leaders as being a positive force in the rate of innovation across private/government sectors and all industries.

The manufacturing, financial services, retail/tech/media and healthcare industries trend toward greater investments and future plans as well, but less emphatically than telecom in most scenarios.

Cloud initiatives still mystify some, but as the stats in this video illustrate, IT leaders are taking steps to bring cloud to the forefront.

One thing stands out clearly — cloud initiatives figure heavily in most organizations' overall budgets in some form or another.


of respondents across all industries reported moderate-to-heavy investing in private cloud


of respondents across all industries reported moderate-to-heavy investing in hybrid cloud

Interestingly, a margin of 43% divides the current rate of moderate-to-heavy investment from top to bottom across industries concerning hybrid cloud management, while an even more significant 48% divides levels of investment in private cloud.

IT organizations with current moderate-to-heavy investments in cloud technology
(by industry)



86% manufacturing

83% retail/tech/media

81% financial services

69% healthcare

government/public sector



90% manufacturing

86% retail/tech/media

86% financial services

76% healthcare

government/public sector

The story continues when it comes to the question of cloud as a priority over the next 12 months.

I.T. organizations who say cloud technology is a high or critical priority over the next 12 months
(by industry)



71% manufacturing

71% financial services

66% retail/tech/media

57% healthcare


government/public sector



78% financial services

74% healthcare

72% manufacturing

70% retail/tech/media


government/public sector

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