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  • What drives you? Matching Your Business Drivers to CSC Solutions
  • Business Drivers
    • The business world is changing – again.

      Around the globe, organizations of every size and in every industry are under intense and growing pressure to contain their costs. Yet they also need to transform their business processes, protect and secure their most important assets, dramatically improve organizational agility, and quickly respond to cloud computing and the new Everything as a Service economy it has enabled.

      Sound familiar? CSC understands key business drivers and is ready to help you solve your toughest, biggest and most complex challenges with our innovative enterprise business solutions.

      Additional Business Drivers:
      Harvesting Big Data
      Mobile Workforce
      Profitable Growth
      Regulatory Compliance
      Time-to-Market Improvements

      Cost containment, done right, is a powerful way to outpace the competition, reward investors and help an organization achieve its most important financial goals.

      As a key enabler of many business process transformation initiatives, IT allows new forms of collaboration, new ways of collecting and sharing information, and even new ways of thinking about that information.

      Are you eager to move from cyberanxiety to cyberconfidence? CSC can help. We can apply the expert services of more than 2,000 information-security practitioners, industry best practices and best-of-breed tools to your specific cybersituation.

      IT lies at the heart of many enterprise agility efforts. That’s because the agile enterprise is collaborative. It has excellent communications among its myriad divisions and geographies.

      Everything As a Service

      Everything As a Service (EaaS) Economy

      Today, nearly any type of hardware, software, IT process or business process can be offered as a cloud-based service. This has created an as a service economy that empowers both IT and the business.