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From the drawing board to cloud-enabled technology services, CSC's automotive solutions bring together deep industry expertise, technology and best practices.
  • Vehicle Systems: Integrate vehicle systems, mobile devices and location-based services in a secure framework.
  • Sales Acceleration: Engage customers and drive their digital journey with car configurators, social media and digital showrooms.
  • Product Life Cycle Management Accelerate product introduction and standardize tools and processes globally.
  • Smart Manufacturing: Introduce predictive maintenance and increase efficiency with Big Data analytics and machine-to-machine technology.

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To Market

To Market

Planning, designing, building, selling and supporting vehicles are among the most complex tasks in today’s world of manufacturing.

You need a partner with mission-critical automotive expertise. Learn how CSC can help.

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New technologies and processes promise to create a new era of innovation, efficiency and profitability.


Conceptual Design

Drawing Board

The ideas start here and end in the garages of millions of consumers around the globe, but the work never stops.

Thierry Moulonguet of the Renault-Nissan alliance discusses innovation, strategy, and how Renault-Nissan weathered the financial crisis.

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Connected, software-rich vehicle systems will create a vast fleet of mobile devices requiring updates, security patches and bug fixes. Learn more about the connected car of the future.


Design and Development

With automakers under tremendous pressure to roll out new features quickly, organizations need to streamline design and development processes, control costs and ensure a secure application framework.

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CAD tools and robotic manufacturing led to huge strides in production automation and quality. Read about the next set of tools and technologies that will revolutionize the car building process.

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Learn how BMW uses CSC's embedded automotive software to power interior systems in its latest standard, electric and hybrid models.

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Suppliers bring expertise, components and raw materials – and managing the complex global supply chain is key.

CSC streamlined supply chain processes for a large automotive after-market company. Learn how CSC helped cut costs and raise service levels.

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Supply Chain Infographic

Supply chain officers are rising to the highest levels of their organizations, while leading supply chain operations drive revenues and decrease costs.

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Digital and Mechanical Integration


Manufacturers can revolutionize operations with machine-to-machine technology and big data, which enable predictive analytics related to equipment maintenance, production levels and other key metrics.

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Bluescope Steel

Learn how CSC helped this Australia manufacturing company reduce labor costs, improve shipment payloads and save costs.

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Changing demographics and preferences are forcing automakers and dealers to work together to reach customers with digital showrooms, social media, Big Data and more.

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Captive Financing

Captive finance companies can have a major impact on revenues, with greater flexibility in credit offerings such as subprime loans and leasing.

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Driving In The Cloud

Automakers are in a race to improve safety and the driving experience. The car of the future will be plugged in to a grid with continuously streaming data about performance and road conditions and access to a wealth of content — all stored in the cloud.

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Agility in the Cloud

Cloud computing can immediately impact IT operations, with rapid deployment of infrastructure, faster product launches and modernized applications.

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Location-Based Services

Location-based services bring new levels of awareness to drivers — and new revenue opportunities for automakers.

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Cybercriminals are searching for vulnerabilities in automotive systems. A secure automotive framework is crucial.

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After Market

From the driveway to the highway and beyond – take advantage of add-ons, subscriptions and the continuing changes in vehicle and consumer technology.

Aftermarket Services

From vehicle telematics to social media, a wealth of information is available to drive parts and services revenues.


CSC helped Volkswagen use Big Data to grow aftermarket revenues and build brand loyalty in France.

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Social Networking

Stay connected with home, school, the office and the world around you.

Big Data

OEMs now have access to performance, maintenance and location data that will improve current automobile performance and inspire the next generation of automobiles.

Read how Big Data has the potential to reshape nearly every aspect of the automaking process.

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Big Data Infographic

Big Data growth presents enormous challenges, but it also presents incredible business opportunities. Explore some of the latest trends in data.

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Technology is increasingly a major aspect of every vehicle’s brand - and crucial to managing the overall value chain, from suppliers to dealerships. Innovations such as cloud, social media and mobile technology are driving product innovation and the overall customer experience and relationship with the brand.

CSC supports 12 of the top 15 automakers with a full range of solutions to transform processes, analyze data and modernize applications.

Talk to CSC’s experts and find out how we can help:

  •  Streamline product introduction and PLM programs
  •  Integrate customer information to drive sales
  •  Introduce mobile apps and M2M technology
  •  Improve decision making with real-time analytics
  •  Launch flexible and profitable financing programs
  •  Modernize IT systems and support expansion.

Contact us and start driving in the cloud.

The Future (CSC Town Hall On-Demand)

Get perspectives on the industry's future from CSC's experts.

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CSC Infographic

CSC helps business and IT organizations solve their toughest challenges.

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Production Simulation
Inception and Ideation

Recharge and sync your car at home with the rest of your digital life.