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    • Corporate Responsibilty Report

      At CSC, we are committed to conducting our business ethically and contributing to the sustainability and wellbeing of our community, clients, employees and the environment.

      CSCA Corporate Responsibilty Report

      Download our 2011/12 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF - 5.3MB) to learn more about our progress in this area.

      CSC Australia’s Managing Director, Gavin Larkings, introduces you to the 2011/12 Corporate Responsibility Report - Download this section | PDF - 250KB

      Latest facts and figures about our company - Download this section | PDF - 201KB

      Read an overview of our corporate responsibility activities between 1 April 2011 and 30 March 2012 - Download this section | PDF - 2.2MB

      In the coming year, CSC plans to move forward with several key corporate responsibility initiatives - Download this section | PDF - 273KB

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    • CSCA Corporate Responsibilty Report

      View CSC Australia Corporate Responsibility Full Report 2011/12 | PDF - 5.3MB

      Find out more about the charities and community organisations CSC and its employees supported during the year - Download this section | PDF - 389KB

      With a strong focus on the future, we’ve demonstrated a commitment to practices that build our client relationships for long term viability and sustainability - Download this section | PDF - 523KB

      Employee engagement and consultation has remained a top priority for us CSC during the year - Download this section | PDF - 282KB

      We made significant progress in the environmental space, including a 26% reduction in CO2 emissions - Download this section | PDF - 434KB

      CSC Australia Governance - Corporate Responsibility


      Find out more about our continued efforts to enhance transparency and accountability at CSC - Download this section | PDF - 385KB

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