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    • Lorenzo – A Platform for Clinical Transformation

      The modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) must do more than simply digitise healthcare processes - it must facilitate clinical transformation toward new care models. Lorenzo is a highly configurable, next generation, patient-centred EMR that supports clinicians, managers and healthcare staff, in multiple care settings, to make informed and coordinated decisions.

      Lorenzo - CSC Healthcare

      Andrea Fiumicelli discusses the introduction of Lorenzo in the Australia and New Zealand region.

      Every patient needs high-quality healthcare, and healthcare organisations need Lorenzo because:

      • Modernisation of healthcare processes depends on a flexible, configurable and interoperable EMR platform

      • Improved information access means better and quicker clinical decisions

      • Collaboration and information sharing information between care professionals is vital to improving care quality

      • Configurable smart (Clinical Data Capture) forms reduce effort and systematise best practice care

      • Standard information streamlines care pathways across the care organization and beyond

      Lorenzo is a next generation patient-centred Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that transforms the delivery of healthcare.

      Lorenzo is different because:

      • It’s a fully integrated EMR

      • It’s highly configurable

      • It’s flexible, so you can start with Anything First

      • It’s interoperable

      • It has no down time for routine upgrades

      • It is delivered as a service, with “24/7/365” availability

      • It is clinically reviewed and safety assessed

  • Lorenzo in Practice
    • Lorenzo in Practice

      Advanced technology is changing healthcare for the better. Lorenzo is establishing itself as one of the UK’s leading EMR systems and is in use in a wide range of NHS Trusts. From small specialist trusts to large teaching hospitals, Lorenzo is supporting operational excellence and transformation across the NHS.

      Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust improves patient care and efficiency with Lorenzo.

      Improving the Patient Experience of Care - Lorenzo CSC

      Serving Healthcare IT

      Lorenzo is underpinned by a sophisticated scalable infrastructure supporting thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of patient records.

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    • Online Lorenzo Demonstrations

      Brief online demos showing how Lorenzo makes the fundamentals of clinical care easier and quicker for clinicians.